Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 5: What do you mean I didn't update for almost a week?

So it has been almost a week since I updated. Whoops. Here's a new one:

As we last left, Alderaan had hung out over at Sanchez's place for a good 10 hours and showed no sign of stopping, everyone else was just beginning to wake up.

Supercalvin took a shower, afterwards he stood outside the shower and read a book. The game said Tiim was “gussying up” but I have reason to believe he was trying to destroy the mirror with his mind.

Zach starts his morning off by standing in front of the window in his underwear and painting.

At 7 in the morning, Nistal finally breaks off conversation and heads inside. You'd think Alderaan would head home now, but you'd be wrong.

Gale entertains Tanga with a funny face.

Tiim does not want a demotion. Fuck that noise.

Supercalvin has the day off, so I send him to visit with Lee, who must also have the day off to be able to be visited in the daytime.

Right off the bat, Bakudai tells SuperCalvin how much he dislikes SnakeFace. SuperCalvin does not find this to be very polite of Bakudai.

Bakudai changes tactics in winning SuperCalvin's friendship, and instead starts telling SuperCalvin about how he does not like SuperCalvin. This also makes SuperCalvin dislike Bakudai.

SuperCalvin responds with the old, “Yeah, well you live in an ugly home full of ugly people.”

This saddens Bakudai so much, he does the only thing he can think to do, head upstairs to cuddle with a teddy bear.

Well of course he is evil, woman! This seems to only make Abe happy that his evilness was recognized.

Abe yells at Tanga, I assume he's calling her some kind of Yeti. Their current relationship is not good. They dislike each other, in fact.

Bakudai must have run out of rude things to say to SuperCalvin, as now he just talks to him about computers.

We now have a TV and a couch upstairs in that new room. I still want to get a guitar, a computer, and a radio up there, but it is well on its way to being a useful room.

Alderaan really seems to not want to head home. It is after 2 in the afternoon and she is still at Sanchez's house. I don't know how long she's been sleeping in his yard, but she's been over at his house for for 16 hours now and has yet to go inside.

Who's that guy who is showering in his swim trunks again? Yep, it is Zach.

When Alderaan wakes up, she gets herself a taxi and heads over to work, and apparently she's much better than the rest of her coworkers.

Bakudai and SuperCalvin continue to get along as they have been. Bakudai now criticizes SuperCalvin some more.

I sent Abe over to visit with Sanchez, when I came back 20 minutes later, Abe hadn't made it to Sanchez's house yet, he had just gotten to the front yard, kicked over the trash can, then called up Sanchez so the two of them could talk on the phone for an hour or so.

I am not totally sure what Gale did, but Omnilingua wasn't having any of it. It was a pretty empty threat though, everyone kept saying this whenever anyone was being an asshole, and Gale is not the most polite of people. Also, if you didn't notice, I had Gale come over and join SuperCalvin at Lee's house after work.

Abe was heading home from Sanchez's house (where he never got around to going inside, by the way), and I decided he should visit at Lee's house instead. I sent him to the front yard and figured he'd make his way in and socialize from there, but he had other plans.


Abe had a pathing error when he was going over to insult Lee's home. This made him a bit frustrated.

SuperCalvin criticized Bakudai, and Bakudai can't take it as well as he can dish it out.

This is how Abe deals with new people.

These threats of being sent home become pretty constant. They are never followed through.

Abe manages to scare Omnilingua from like 3 feet away, and he had been standing in front of him.

Oh hey, Abe decided to be nice! This is quite the turnaround for him!

...Perhaps not.

SuperCalvin shows what a classy dude he is by going to sleep in Lee's bed while over for a visit.

Everyone gathers to tell SuperCalvin he is being inappropriate, but SuperCalvin is asleep, he can not hear their complaints.

Tiim goes to visit Ripper.

Bettytron was making hotdogs for everyone, but she burned them pretty badly. Abe seems frustrated, or perhaps he's dropping a deuce in his jeans.

Bakudai shows the classy kind of dude he is by telling Gale all about how he does not like Bettytron.

Gale tells Illiterati about constellations while Abe tells Bettytron about how her family is pretty terrible.

When abe starts sneaking around, you know what is coming.

A fat man having a heart attack.

Ripper begs Tiim for money. OminousOat seems to have joined the military, and he's talking to Sev_Squad about garbage.

Abe hates everyone and their families.

FINE! WE WILL GO! It is 12:30 am and everyone gets kicked out.

Sort of anyways, it just prevents them from being able to go inside, everyone is perfectly able to hang out outside. Tiim and Gale headed home, but SuperCalvin and Abe stayed in the yard. Here we can see Abe talking to Illiterati about how he is going to punch him right in the throat.

SuperCalvin tells Lee that his home is a terrible place.

Ah, the old “your mother is a llama.” Class act, that Abe.

5:45 in the morning, the sun is starting to rise, Abe is insulting Lee with some kind of fly insult. Back at the house, people are waking up, but Abe and SuperCalvin show no sign of heading home.

I will really try to get around to simming those 7 people that have asked. Also, I will try to keep on a every-other-day-or-so update schedule.


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  4. I always knew abe was a bastard.