Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 4: I have no witty subtitle

Morning in this house can mean only one thing: Abe being an asshole to whoever he first comes across.

In this case, it is Gale and Abe is making sure to scare him, while oddly thinking of nuclear material.

Scaring the crap out of Gale was a blast, I guess.

Tiim has finished that book that he had to read and his job performance has gone up as a result.

Alderaan shows how great a cook she is by burning the shit out of the morning waffles. Also, Zach had just made waffles a couple hours ago, so I don't know why she made more.

Your sims don't seem to ever pay their bills themselves, but a popup does come up to tell you it is time to pay them, which is nice.

Alderaan's waffles are not the best waffles around

Luckily for her, some of Zach's waffles were still left, so she could have those instead. Her disgusting waffles go in the fridge, where everyone else can have them.

JRB's book-reading opportunity was successful as well.

Abe has the day off of work today and tomorrow, I think I will send him over to meet the newest group of people to our fine town.

That would be Sanchez, Clicky, Nistal, and BSam

Unfortunately they seem to be heading off in a carpool to work.

Poor, poor Abe. He looks so sad. He had just rounded the corner and was only one house down from them when he saw them leaving.

A view of part of the town. The house with the green circle over it is our protagonists, the little circle with Abe's face in it is just above where Abe is currently standing. The red arrow points to Lee's house, the yellow arrow to Sanchez's house, and the pink arrow to Ripper's house. As you can see, everyone is pretty close to each other.

I send Abe over to central park, I figure he can find something to do there, or maybe fish or something if he can't hang out with anyone

Oh you sons of bitches. Who gets a carpool to go hang out in the park all day? Do none of you bastards have a job?

Abe excitedly runs into the park, then stands around for a while.

When Sanchez comes further into the park, Abe makes a rude introduction to him. That's how you win friends. “Hi, your mother's a whore. I had sex with her, and might well be your father, you bastard. My name is Abe.”

More of these unemployed bastards show up. Is everyone here just faking having a job? You can watch them leave in a carpool every morning, yet they just all show up to the park?

Sanchez is the first person to respond well to Abe trying to mastermind a plot with them.

This is likely why. They are brothers in evilness.

This is the first social thing that Abe has wanted to do that hasn't been trying to make someone else feel bad. My hope is that Sanchez and Abe become evil, gay cowboys.

Awwwww, Omnilingua, Shenanigans, and SnakeFace have a picnic and talk about jewelry. That's so cute.

If you are at all curious how Alderaan has spent the time since we last saw her 4 hours ago eating waffles, she has spent it asleep. She has the day off too, but it is a bit less exciting when instead of going out to do something, she spends her time sleeping.

In the background you can see that Bettytron has joined the picnic, and Shenanigans has left. I can only assume the female:male ratio got too high for him. In the foreground you can see that some food that is lying around on the ground. What do you think Abe will do?

Yep, found-hamburgers are the food choice for real men.

JRB gets a promotion and gets off work early. He works right across the street from the park so I have him walk on over.

Before JRB can get there though, Bakudai, Bettytron, and SnakeFace go running the other direction and grab a cab. They must have heard he was coming.

Abe sits alone at a picnic table, everyone else in the park is socializing over at the other end.

Checking back in with Alderaan, she has started reading the book for her job opportunity.

Abe was going to have a picnic, but upon arriving, he saw a fireman sitting there, so he went to read instead.

Hey alright! Tanga gets a promotion and gets off of work early as well.

With the money from all these promotions, I decided I would expand the house, and chose the space above the car port as where I would expand at. This does give me the advantage of easy space that will be easy to get to, but it makes the house look kind of funny.

Also, I ran out of money before I could finish putting a floor down everywhere. If they can jump, the sims can still get into this new room.

Tanga had barely started that book when she went into work this morning. After getting out, she just stood there reading instead of heading home.

An hour or so later and Ripper gets off of work. I guess some of the other sims actually work instead of spending their entire day pretending to be at work while in reality they are hanging out at a park.

Tiim gets a raise as well. We are climbing the corporate ladder, people!

With the day's wages in hand, I have enough to complete the building of this room. I just need to think of a purpose for it. I was thinking a general entertainment room. We don't have room for a computer or TV downstairs or for much of anything, really, this gives enough room to have that kind of stuff.

SuperCalvin had a big day and is just tuckered out. Upon getting home, he goes to sleep on the kitchen floor.

Then Zach breaks the kitchen sink.

Tanga has finished one book and started on another, and even got halfway done with it.

Zach views his art. He is pretty pleased with it.

Abe is fishing over at the pond in the park.

Tanga had a wish to get some handiness, so she's the one fixing the kitchen sink. Everyone else will mop up the giant puddles that are forming every now and then when they walk by.

The artist at work. Zach has begun another painting and has gained some painting skill.

JRB views Zach's painting with a different feeling than Zach had. Also, JRB is in his underwear again. That dude loves hanging out in his underwear.

7:22pm and everyone seems to be either asleep or getting ready for sleep, except for Alderaan, who having not woken up until 11am is still wide awake.

As she is still awake, I send Alderaan over to visit at Sanchez's house.

Abe is still at the park fishing.

Here is the lovely home of one Sanchez the Dirty. I don't know how 4 people manage to sleep there, but they must manage.

Abe wanted to buy a book on catching minnows, so I obliged him and also picked up a book for Tanga as well. I don't know that they will ever go buy books on their own or not, but they will read them on their own if they are in the book shelf.

Zach and Abe both wanted to use this bed for sleeping tonight, and as so often happens, decisions end up being made by the old rule.

Whoever strips naked first is the winner.

Abe therefore runs to take a nap on the bench outside. That's too bad, there was a nice couch ready for him.

Alderaan is still over at Sanchez's house, though she hasn't yet spoken to him or to Clicky. It has just been BSam and Nistal who will wander out and speak to her for an hour or so in turn. Alderaan hasn't actually gone in the house yet, as a matter of fact.

1:24 am, everyone has begun waking up and getting the day started. SuperCalvin and Abe eat horrible, burned, leftover waffles while Gale showers.

It really makes you feel kind of bad for them. They would rather eat day-old burned waffles than just cook something up. After his breakfast, Abe goes back to bed

Alderaan is still going strong over at Sanchez's house though. Bettytron kicked Gale out at 1:00 am, there appear to be no similar rules at Sanchez's place.

Because Alderaan just keeps going, and going, and going. The conversations just do not die. She showed up just after 8 pm, remember.

Burnt waffles for everyone!

Gale gets ready for the workday by watching Zach sleep.

6:00 in the morning, and it's time for me to call it a day. Not Alderaan though, she has spent 10 hours hanging over at Sanchez's house and shows no sign of wanting to go home.

That's it for today. I will try to catch up on simming people tonight, but I can't guarantee it will be done by any reasonable hour.


  1. Hey, fuck you, my Sim had a totally macho and not-gay-at-all reason for abandoning the picnic. He was going to go fight bears or headbutt skyscrapers or something, fuck you.

  2. Evil gay cowboys are definitely the way to go.

  3. I see zach's talent is carried over into the sims.