Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 3: let's all feel a little creepy.

Ah, the Sims. What other game can simultaneously entertain you and make you feel like a creepy voyeuristic bastard?

On today's episode we see the neighbors! We even go inside their house! You have to be invited in to see inside their house, otherwise you can watch them doing things through their windows. I bet you feel creeped out just reading that.

As a side note, it seems that the game keeps automatically populating the neighborhood with random sims. I have evicted everyone in town 3 times now, but there are still more. There are always more! Hopefully if I populate the town with enough of us, the game will stop trying to throw in more sims to fill it out.

So what was that, 4 and a half hours of sitting on the couch cuddling?

I saw that there was mail, and I was kind of curious if they would ever pay their bills on their own, so I considered forcing them to pay them, when I saw this. No one else has any options but get bills and pay bills. Abe, on the other hand, also would like to undermine the Alternative Sports Society and the Gastronomy Club. Abe hates more than just people, he also hates the things people like!

More evil showering for Abe before he heads off to work

An opportunity for Zach.

Man, fuck The Organization. Abe was busy sleeping, eating, showering, and wanting to insult SuperCalvin.

Again, Alderaan's odd work schedule makes her the only one home for about 5 hours every day, so I spend a lot of time just kind of watching her. After recycling the previous day's newspaper, she got really excited about something music-related. Or maybe she was scared, I can't really tell.

New messages show up at the top and older ones get pushed down. But Gale is the first person to be promoted. That fat beardy ginger is an excellent worker.

I think this is JRB's first opportunity. He is also in politics, if you can't tell by the little icon there.

No promotion, but Tiim got a big raise. Way to go Tiim!

Mo' money, mo' problems. This gives enough to start buying some other shit for the house.

First thing I do is put a bookshelf and chair in that little room off the kitchen that leads to the car port. I am going to buy a car when I have the money, perhaps tomorrow. The other item on the list would be new beds, as better quality beds restore your energy faster, allowing you to get less sleep per night as well as be in a better mood for longer when you wake up. Replacing all the beds would cost something like 10,000 bucks though, so it is a ways off.

Tanga earned 1 dollar more than SuperCalvin today. DAMN SEXISM! Equal work, equal pay!

There were a few problems yesterday with everyone wanting to use the shower at the same time, so I moved the downstairs bathroom's sink and toilet, then added in a shower. We will now be able to see two evil showers at once!

More snooping around the neighborhood.

Gale was going to visit, but apparently you can only visit a neighbor's house when the patriarch is home, in this case the patriarch is Ripper. I suppose she could be the matriarch, but nah.

JRB is sad. All he wants is to become friends with Gale!

He also wants to hang out with Tiim. Poor, poor, JRB.

Zach has the best wage of everyone. A paper boy makes good money, it seems. A criminal, on the other hand does not get paid well. Zach succeeds in his opportunity, so his quality of work jumps up.

Lee is home, so Gale heads over for a visit.

Over at the Remongton household. This is a real classy place, I will have to remember to give a full picture of it sometime, but it is a dilapidated shack-looking thing. The refrigerator is outside on the front porch, they have a living room couch in the front yard, there is a swamp that kind of encroaches between the street and the house, with only a narrow strip of land that runs across allowing you to get to the house. Also, there is Illiterati.

Shenanigans, Omnilingua, and Bettytron are also hanging out out front, and Shenanigans is thinking about Groucho Marx glasses.

The first thing Gale wants to do after he shows up. Stay classy, Gale.

With Gale over at Lee's place, I send SuperCalvin over to Ripper's.

Gale hasn't greeted Lee yet, so I can only stare in through the window still. How much creepier is it staring in a window on the second floor at a woman than it is staring in through a ground floor window at Lee and Shenanigans?

SuperCalvin doesn't screw around when he goes to visit, and immediately greets Ripper.

I can't see inside until the greeting is over though, so I don't get to see furniture. Either that, or Bruce is a transcendental meditation-sidhi yogi. Two people got that reference.

Gudamor is done with work! Come visit with SuperCalvin, Gudamor.

Alderaan gets another work opportunity. Pretty sweet job she has though, being able to be paid to be a music fan.

SuperCalvin listens to Bruce ramble on for a while. I guess Bruce has something to say about chicken legs? Also, as you can see, now that we are inside, we can see the whole house and furniture.

JRB eats dinner, and Abe starts reading a book.

Gudamor is excited about something, SuperCalvin is less so.

I noticed something about Plustax, he changed his outfit on his own and he no longer has long hair. Weird.

Over at the Remongton house, a conversation between Bettytron, Omnilingua, and Gale. I missed it, but after this conversation ended, Gale looked at Bettytron, whistled, and got a little heart thing in a thought bubble. I think our little boy has his first crush.

Omnilingua scares everyone away.

Ripper KEEPS asking SuperCalvin for money. She probably has a new fursuit to buy or something, freak.

Meanwhile, Abe continues to read.

getting to about 10:30 or so, Gale is still hanging out over at Lee's house. Gale, Bettytron, Snake_Face, and Illiterati watch TV while Bakudai ignores them all to read the newspaper. Bakudai is just like a dad from a 50s sitcom.

Ominousoat wants to talk to SuperCalvin.

I took it small on purpose here, nothing much to say about this except that 5 people sleep. That is everyone but SuperCalvin and Gale who are out visiting friends still.

Oh yeah, and Abe, who is still reading. He has nearly read the entire book tonight.

Over at Ripper's, Sev_squad is the first to go to sleep, earning him the right to have a bed to sleep in.

Demha is second, frustrating the attempts of Gudamor and Ominousoat. Not that I'd be willing to fall asleep if Ominousoat was mad at me for stealing the bed.

Bruce entertains SuperCalvin, while Ripper stands in the background watching. Furries are strange.

Meanwhile at Lee's place, Gale cooks up some hot dogs and eats 2 plates all by himself. There is no one else around.

This is the largest conversation I have seen yet. 4 people seems like it is the new limit of conversation size.

Bettytron kicks Gale out, despite him still hanging out with Illiterati. It is 1 am now though, so he heads off. In the background is Omnilingua who nearly peed himself because he just sat on the couch watching TV too long. Also, I bought this house furnished and I have just noticed that there is a crib in there.

SuperCalvin went home about 12:30 and found all of the beds were taken, so he slept on the couch.

Gale was not so lucky, having to sleep on the bench on the front porch.

SuperCalvin wakes after a couple hours to clean the toilet. He must have had some nightmares.

Who's that man showering in his bathing suit? Why it is Zach!

Gale really likes to scare JRB, and JRB really likes to hang out in his underwear.

4:30 am, and everyone is waking up. Tanga waits outside the bedroom where Tiim and JRB are talking so that she can ramble aimlessly to Tiim.

SuperCalvin has a decision to make concerning breakfast. Which does he want? On the right we have:

Fresh home-made waffles prepared just a few minutes ago by Zach. On the left we have:

Spoiled Autumn salad made the previous night and left out. It has spoiled. So which will SuperCalvin choose?

Of course he chose the spoiled food. He is not a smart man.

As dawn breaks, SuperCalvin begins to regret his choice of breakfast.

Also, there is a limit on how many labels I can use, so not everyone who appeared today will be labeled.


  1. I liked the part with the newspaper. I felt a connection with the character.
    Real gripping stuff.

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  4. I want to be a Sim too! I want friends and recognition! and dongs.

    If it doesn't show up on here the name's Arsonthemusical and I'm a nautical adventure NASCAR party sorta guy.

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