Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 8: Sunday in Sims Town

Oh man, is it just me or does anyone else feel it is time for a slap fight?

Abe certainly agrees it is slapping time.

This was all brought about because Tanga came upstairs and insulted Abe. Abe thinks it is perfectly acceptable to respond to an insult by slapping a woman.

Downstairs Alderaan was baking waffles and managed to set the oven on fire. The fact that waffles are not made in the oven did not seem to bother her whatsoever.

Supercalvin is the only one with his head about him enough to put the fire out. I guess you could say that Abe has his head about him as he is thinking how awesome it is that the stove is on fire, but that is not helpful. The stove has been destroyed leaving the house without a way to cook food until someone works another day.

The fireman shows up to find he is no longer needed. It is probably a pretty good thing that SuperCalvin put that fire out, as with everyone clustered about the entrance there, I don't know if the fireman could have gotten through.

Abe has a new want nothing like beating someone up to feel better about yourself.

Well damn, I guess he's really decided that Tanga will be his nemesis.

Way to bring it to a whole new level, Abe. You are quite the evil bastard.

Tanga doesn't seem to have the hate that Abe does, and just wants to be a little mean to JRB. That's understandable, who doesn't want to be mean to JRB every now and again?

Tiim has managed to break both the kitchen and bathroom sinks. The place is falling apart.

Abe has gotten a promotion and his ill-gotten gains have given us enough money to buy a new stove.

The new stove is in place. I got a better model than the house came with, hopefully this will mean less burned food.

I invited Sanchez over, Abe really wants to become friends with him and I figured I'd provide opportunity for it to happen. He ended up being over for just long enough to tell a couple jokes before he ran home though.

SuperCalvin walks in on JRB taking a shower. There is no privacy needed.

I send Gale on one last date with Nom. Hopefully this will be what is needed to achieve that opportunity. I guess I will find out tomorrow when he goes back to work.

Odd that everyone suddenly has begun walking in on each other in the bathroom, this has not really happened before. What could be making these guys suddenly want to see each other pee and shower?

Awwwww yeah. Gale is hell of ready to date, all leather jacket and uh... pinstripe suit pants?

After dinner, Gale immediately begins ignoring Nom, and instead hangs around talking to Shenanigans for a while then going home.

The shower has broken now too. This place is falling apart completely.

Damn it SuperCalvin, that is the new stove. Do not set that thing on fire.

Luckily it was SuperCalvin who set it on fire, he is the only one who will put fires out himself and he managed to do so before the stove was destroyed. There was no property damage or loss this time.

As dawn breaks, JRB takes up the kitchen sink to sponge bathe. Never mind the working shower or the broken shower, JRB wants to sponge bathe in the kitchen.

I will eventually get around to simming the remaining 7 people. The big thing that is holding me back right now is because there really is very limited options you have to start with and EA is being slow as butts releasing new content online, so I really don't even have anything to buy with the $10 credit they give you on the online store to start. Anyhow, I will update again sometime.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 7: One week of play only took me one month.

Wow, I really thought I'd be able to update again sooner because I played and cropped days ago, but then I just never got around to updating, it seems. Oh well, I will update again this weekend, and like all of my promises, you can not rely on that.

When you last saw Abe, he had just beat up SuperCalvin, now that everyone else is up, Abe and JRB talk about party hats while Alderaan watches TV.

Alderaan starts playing guitar so Abe and JRB watch her and tap their feet. SuperCalvin sat down to watch TV and chose to sit in the spot where he just would be staring at Abe's crotch.

I mean look at that, he's just got a face full of Abe-crotch.

Tanga unclogs a toilet and gains some handiness skill, Alderaan's guitar playing has improved her skills as well.

I just wanted to show the quality of the bathroom. That toilet is disgusting and it leaked shit water all over the floor and has now leaked outside of the bathroom into the hall. Tanga is standing in that shit water.

Ripper comes running by. I wasn't sure why, but this was about the only thing that happened this day that wasn't the standard cook, clean, eat, shit, shower stuff. This household is BORING.

So to make it more interesting I sent JRB and SuperCalvin over to the house of Sanchez et al.

Standing across the street Ominousoat was just hanging out in one of the most ridiculous outfits I have ever seen.

I make another attempt for Gale and Nom to go on their date.

Mmmmm, deep fried. Everything should be deep fried.

Hooray, money!

Clicky catches SuperCalvin showering in his house, meanwhile JRB is just hanging out reading.

After being forced to end his shower short of completion, SuperCalvin hangs out for a couple hours in the bathroom talking to SnakeFace on his cellphone.

Meanwhile, over at the deep fried diner, Gale and Nom are gossiping.

Gale then starts flattering Nom, she eats this shit up. They are seriously getting along really well.

I know it might not look like a bunch of time has passed, but it has seriously been like 4 hours, JRB still reads, and SuperCalvin has made another attempt at showering in someone else's house. Clicky is not amused. Nistal is home now as well, JRB ignores him and continues reading.

After standing in the parking lot chatting for hours, Nom and Gale decided to head inside to grab some drinks. Unfortunately I needed them to get dinner together so I will probably have to send them out on another date and hope they grab dinner that time, or I can just break the prime directive and order them to grab dinner. Nom also changed clothes for this. I don't know where she was hiding another outfit or how she managed to change in the parking lot without anyone caring, but she did it.

When I checked what was going on back at the house, I found this. Abe must have eaten some spoiled food, and now he is puking.

The next time someone pukes, I have to get a video of it, it was like watching a cat throw up, a real whole-body sort of vomit.

I sent Gale and Nom out on another date, this time I hoped they would get dinner instead of just getting drunk.

Zach completes another painting, dude is a painting machine.

I decided that the bedroom needed a little decorating, so I threw this painting in the small bedroom. Next painting I think I will put in the big bedroom.

Tanga sees that Zach is done painting so she comes over to talk to him about how much she hates Abe.

Zach of course agrees with her opinion, and Zach and Tanga improve their friendship as a result.

Over at the restaurant, Gale and Nom are once again just standing outside chatting instead of getting food. Nom has yet another outfit on.

Johnny Violence came up behind Nom and just stood there for about half an hour while thinking about Nom, then he walked away.

Gale somehow managed to get from 3 feet in front of Nom where they were talking to behind Nom without her seeing him sneaking around her, then he scared her.

Over at Sanchez's house, everyone is home now and they are talking in the living room, but JRB is taking a nap on their bed instead.

I had to take a picture of this, as Zach is doing something other than painting or cooking.

It seems that Gale and Nom grabbed desserts, a cookie for gale and some kind of cake for Nom. It is hard to see but Nom's cake is on fire. I hope that this dessert counts as getting dinner together, if not I will have to send them on another date tomorrow.

After finishing their food, Nom got up and walked over to a table at the other end of the patio. Gale got up and joined her again after he was done yelling to the sky that he was tired.

JRB continues to be a good guest, eating some soup instead of talking to anyone. Clicky kicks him out though.

After being kicked out of the house at 1 in the morning, JRB just stands out front and reads a book, which I can only assume is the same book he was reading at their house, and he probably got that there. Also, someone has kicked over one of the pink flamingos.

Gale got back and all the beds were taken, so he went to sleep on the bench out on the front porch.

JRB shows how nice he is by picking up that downed flamingo.

He then heads home to talk to Tanga about Zach's problems, like right in front of where Zach is sleeping.

When Zach wakes up, he starts yet another painting, Abe grabbed some of yesterday's leftover burned waffles, and I decided to give him a chance at achieving that want of having there be a fire in the house by lighting a fire in the fireplace. Maybe a spark will catch something on fire.

When Abe finishes his waffles, he starts playing with the fire. He is putting his hand in the fire then pulling it out and stuff like that. Maybe this will help catch the house on fire for him. Also, it is dawn again so it is time to call it a day.

I know there are still 7 of you to sim. I will get around to that, no one else request until I am finished with those seven. I really will try to get at least one more update this weekend.
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