Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 6: Boy do I rock at not updating.

Oh man, am I awesome at not updating when I say I will, or what?

It is once again morning, and Zach screams to the heavens that he is hungry. There is no ready food in the house though, so if he wants to eat, he will have to make it from scratch.

Tanga is off to work and has read that book she had to read, Zach begins to make waffles.

He doesn't finish though because his carpool arrives, so he leaves a bowl of waffle batter on the counter and heads to work.

Everyone is at work, but Alderaan starts work at 3 pm, so she spends the entire morning and afternoon watching TV. She leads an exciting life.

Gale gets a job opportunity, and it is a date. Who could turn that down? The town's ratio is something like 7 men for every woman, after all.

Tiim gets another opportunity, this one to read a book. Easy enough.

Kind of bad lighting, but with this day's earnings, I bought a guitar, a desk, and a chair. As soon as everyone else gets home from work, I will get a computer.

Zach improves his painting.

Gale is the only person that actually has a friend, even among the housemates, I don't know how he became best friends with FunkMessiah so quickly, but he wants to invite him over, so I do that.

FunkMessiah comes over and Zach invites him in. In the background you can see Gale getting cleaned up for him.

Zach learns a fact about FunkMessiah, Zach is having a great time on the porch, and Gale comes out to greet FunkMessiah.

Gale's greeting consists of insulting FunkMessiah. It is the traditional English greeting, I believe.

Gale went to bed after insulting Funk Messiah, and when I went back downstairs to see what FunkMessiah was up to, I found this. I don't know what is going on here.

JRB was the first person to use the new computer, and for such a productive purpose too, I'd have expected porn to be the first use, really, but it seems to be a football video game instead.

Go to her, Gale, go. After Gale woke up, I sent him to try to complete his opportunity.

Gale has arrived and Alderaan has received a promotion. Things are looking up for the Dongs. We have most of the things they want or need, all that is needed now is enough beds to let all of them sleep at the same time, and upgraded furniture.

Ok, this is weird. I swear that he was supposed to meet her for dinner, but when Gale arrived to where he was to meet Nom, it was like a library or something like that. They were the only two people there and the place was just filled with books.

Gale immediately uses his charms upon Nom, insulting her right off.

Gale went to grab a book to read, when he came back, Nom was nowhere to be found. This was not a good dinner date, perhaps tomorrow night will be better. It is Friday in the game and they only need to have their date sometime before Monday morning.

Zach finishes his second painting, and what a beauty it is.

I decided to put that beautiful painting somewhere nice, so here it is at the top of the stairs.

1:00 am, Zach is making waffles, FunkMessiah needs to head home.

After Zach finishes making waffles, he heads to bed, but he can not sleep there as Tanga is already in the other side.

The only logical thing therefore is to go cook something else. Oddly, Zach gained the cooking skill before he even began cooking. Just deciding he would cook has made him a better cook.

Zach makes some apple pancakes, looks good.

His waffles were quite terrible, on the other hand. What do you think SuperCalvin would choose to have for breakfast?

Of course SuperCalvin chose the disgusting burnt waffles over the tasty apple pancakes. Also, Zach sets down his plate of pancakes outside on the deck so that he can scream into the night sky that he is very hungry.

Abe's newest lifetime wish is quite odd. He wants the house to be set on fire? What do you bet that happens?

Tiim works on achieving that opportunity.

Abe is off in the new living room slapping the shit out of SuperCalvin.

He then tells SuperCalvin that his mother was a llama. SHIT IS SERIOUS.

They throw down, and SuperCalvin gets his ass kicked.

Dawn arrives once again, with Abe standing victoriously over the defeated SuperCalvin.

-Abe fighting with SuperCalvin more
-Gale trying another date with Nom

There are 7 people to sim. Please no one else sign up until I finish these guys. I know I always say that I will get the next one out soon, but I will try to get the next one out soon.


  1. Gale and nom? This can only end in tears.

  2. That is SO how I respond to my own hunger.