Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another New Household has been added

Four more people have been simmed up. I am once again caught up to the requests.

Meet the AssLicky family.

Yep, I once again forgot to change last names on someone, my bad Nistal, you don't get a joke last name for yourself, you have to share one with Clicky, and as Clicky AssLicky rhymes and Nistal AssLicky does not rhyme, you can guess who the AssLicky surname was originally intended for.

Here's the four of you in alphabetical order:

BSam StumbleDrunk
Traits: hates outdoors, natural cook, loser, hopeless romantic, absent minded

Clicky AssLicky
Traits: charismatic, coward, easily impressed, flirty, party animal

Nistal AssLicky
traits: Computer whizz, hates outdoors, lucky, childish, neat

Sanchez the Dirty
traits: angler, evil, heavy sleeper, loser, slob

There was only one house to evict the occupants of this time, and it only had 2 people in it, I might now have enough people to not need to evict every time I get into the game.

edit: hey, the town now has 30 people in it. Current ratio: 4 women, 26 men.


  1. Clicky, Nistal and Sanchez look like a variation of BSam.

  2. OOOH! I want in!

    The name's johnny violence

    I am a musician, a heavy sleeper, mischevious, clumsy, poor, a bookworm, and a gigalo

    here I am, but I would appreciate a pair of leopard print pants if possible!

  3. If you end up making another house, I'd love to be in, too.

    Traits: evil, excitable, kleptomaniac, lucky, party animal

    Ambition: emperor

    Looks like Zach Galifianakis



  4. I want in. Something that looks like my Kenny Winker avatar, if possible. If there's no three corner hat, a guy in a green sweater vest and shorts to mimic my Quailman avatar of old. Make it happen, fermun.

  5. This sounds like a rapetown...

  6. I'm in for this:

    traits: absent minded, snob, inappropriate, natural cook, clumsy

    lifetime ambition: living in the lap of luxury

    avatar-wise, just skinny with brown hair would be good. just randomise the rest