Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dongs Household, Day 2

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As we last left the Sims, all but 3 people had stayed up the entire night and were having to go to work shortly. The goal for today is to get enough beds for everyone to be able to sleep in a bed every night.

I didn't manage to visit any of the new neighbors yet, and they haven't come to visit either, but soon, I will get around to it!

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As you can see, Abe is still trying to get the “be mean to SuperCalvin” goal out of the way, unfortunately SuperCalvin is hopping into the car to get to work. Abe will have to wait until later to slap him.

At least Abe can be mean to other people. I am not totally sure how Tiim didn't notice Abe sneaking into the bathroom, but luckily for Abe, Tiim was standing there staring at a wall for long enough for him to be able to.

Once safely behind Tiim without being noticed, it is time to scare him! This seems to be a common action for sims with the mean-spirited trait.

Alderaan's job doesn't start until 3 pm and everyone else is off by 9:30 or so, so I get to spend hours watching Alderaan do exciting things like eat jam and toast.

The job system has been changed a bit. Now you get opportunities, and if you satisfy them, your work performance goes up significantly, allowing you to get a promotion sooner. Tiim is in business, and for his job, he needs to learn how to serve coffee better.

SuperCalvin, on the other hand has to read some book on getting out of a pit. That is some great homework Army has given him.

In other news, Alderaan now spends a few hours sitting on the bed relaxing and daydreaming of money.

The job system allows you to work in a number of different ways, I let the thing choose it automatically for everyone, but each one has different advantages and disadvantages. You can meet co-workers which can make friends, but you don't get as much work done. You can work hard, which improves your work performance, but you get stressed out and need to be able to unwind when you get home or you will be in a bad mood. I don't like to play with anything that they choose though, so I let Zach suck up all he wants.

That nets me enough money to buy the beds I was wanting, I believe. The jobs everyone has is the ones that the characters wanted. Business, Journalism, and Military if you couldn't figure it out. You may also notice that despite Tanga and SuperCalvin working the same job with the same hours, Tanga gets paid $1 less than SuperCalvin. I am not totally sure how fair that is, I am pretty sure that women are supposed to earn 78 cents on the dollar or something like that. It has been a while since I looked up pay disparity between the sexes, but I am glad that the Sims keeps some of it around even though they have minimized it as much as possible.

I tossed in 3 more beds, but this didn't work in this configuration, everything was too close on the left side there, so I had to do some more moving around of the furniture to get it to fit.

This is the configuration I settled upon. I had to move the dresser out into the hallway just outside, but I am sure no one minds getting dressed in a public area instead of a bedroom. Sleeping space for up to 7 now!

With the bed in the other room changed to two singles, I don't have to worry about everyone being good enough friends to be able to sleep in a double bed together anymore. I did want to keep the one double bed in the other room though, because I believe you can only have sex in a double bed. I don't really know yet though.

Abe is a criminal, and apparently they need some extra muscle. If I can get him rested up well enough to help out before that time expires, we may be able to afford some items for entertainment.

Alderaan's opportunity is very easy to do. All she has to do is stay late. I accept.

When Abe gets home, I use his day's pay to buy an easel. Soon the artistic ones among the group might be able to start painting some true masterpieces.

I find Abe and Zach talking, and Abe isn't just making fun of Zach, he wants to show him something!

Ok, you find a chunk of dirt and grime on the floor. Cool, what will you do with it?

Zach is shocked and appalled at this display of complete disregard for personal health and safety.

I then got a popup telling me that Abe is evil. We knew that, already. Yesterday he showed that he only takes evil showers, after all.

Everyone has been asleep after they got home from work, except Abe who had to show off his dirt-eating skills before he was ready to hit the hay. Now the only one awake, Zach shows his talent for the arts and begins painting.

Here is everyone having their night's sleep. Alderaan just got home as well, she and Zach are downstairs. Not a lot seems to be going on right now though.

Zach finishes his first painting. What beauty! I shall have to display this in a prominent place of the house!

Ah, Zach's masterpiece is the sole piece of decoration in this otherwise barren house, so I hang it prominently in the living room next to the fireplace. I wanted it over the fireplace but I was not allowed.

Hungry from expending his creative juices, Zach cooks something. It is cheese-based but what could it possibly be?

No easy-mac for Zach, he makes his mac and cheese from scratch.

Gale wakes up and brushes his teeth. He is suffering a bit from poor hygiene. I think I need another shower in the house.

Tanga, likewise is getting a bit rank.

Tiim sat down on the couch, and Alderaan immediately started cuddling him. It was just after 2 when I first noticed them.

SuperCalvin starts working on achieving that opportunity.

JRB shows what class he has by talking about Tiim's family not 5 feet from Tiim. Tiim and Alderaan's cuddle-party continues.

When JRB is done insulting Tiim's family, SuperCalvin gets pretty angry at himself and starts pointing fingers and yelling.

JRB seems to be in his underwear whenever he is not at work, for some reason. Gale, Tanga, and SuperCalvin are talking about shooting stars or perhaps the “The More You Know” spots on what is it, NBC? Also of note, it has been shown in the last one, but conversations are no longer restricted to 2 people. The largest I've seen has been 3-person conversations, but it is PROGRESS. Who ever said that The Sims series is just about pumping out meaningless expansions and sequels that do very little except take the cash from fans who will buy anything with The Sims name on it?

Dawn again, and Abe wishes to finish that “be mean to SuperCalvin” want. Unfortunately he is too late as SuperCalvin is once again heading off to work. Perhaps next time.

The scene as dawn is breaking. Abe alone in the kitchen, Tanga and SuperCalvin head to work, JRB and Gale have a friendly conversation, and Alderaan and Tiim continue cuddling. They have been cuddling for about 4 hours so far. Is romance in the air?

I may actually get around to having people visit the neighbors!
How long will Alderaan continue to cuddle with Tiim?
Will JRB finish that painting he started?
Will I manage to install a second shower in the house?

Only time will tell.


  1. The military could use a few more nutjobs. It's the crazy that'll earn you an extra dollar a day.

  2. If I can't look like Leia, I choose to believe that I look like Starbuck.

    I approve of this.

    Rockin' job as always, Fermie!