Thursday, June 4, 2009

I believe I have everyone who has requested a Sim now.

We have six more people simmed up now. So come on inside and meet the MacDongles

In alphabetical order they are:

Bruce Analingus
Traits: Flirty, good sense of humor, lucky, charismatic, genius

Demha ChupaPene
Traits: artistic, couch potato, frugal, good, virtuoso

Gudamor Ballsniffer
Traits: kleptomaniac, mooch, hot-headed, loser, unlucky

Plustax Duckfucker
Traits: loves the outdoors, commitment issues, charismatic, absent minded

Ripper MacDongle
Traits: clumsy, daredevil, hot-headed, kleptomaniac, mooch

Sev_Squad Cocks
traits: coward, loser, mooch, unlucky, vegetarian

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