Saturday, June 20, 2009

Five more simmed

Look inside for names and traits and such.

As always, if you didn't request a look, I did something random, if you didn't request traits, I randomized that and let the computer grab something.

In alphabetical order:

Arson TheMusical
traits: brave, computer whiz, green thumb, hates the outdoors, hydrophobic

Johnny Violence
traits: bookworm, clumsy, flirty, heavy sleeper, vurtuoso

Mindy DongLove
traits: childish, couch potato, grumpy, party animal, slob

Navigator DirtyDickSuck
traits: childish, clumsy, computer whiz, good sense of humor, hot-headed

Nom UpYours
traits: family oriented, insane, natural cook, over emotional, unflirty

Ok that is all for now, I will try to get the remaining 4 people simmed today and then get another update out.


  1. You captured Nav perfectly. I, on the other hand, am not nearly obese enough.

    (Please don't fix it.)

  2. This is Benny B. Add me please.

  3. Captain Bravo, I'll need a cowboy hat, if you please.

    Preferably a Loner, Hot-Headed, loves the outdoors, brave and a daredevil.

    Since there's no rodeo, I guess a sports career track is close enough.

  4. Awesome! thanks! I love my pants! I'm a little scared to be sharing a house with Nav though!