Monday, May 18, 2009

Gamespot Previews let me know this much

The Sims 3 comes out in 2 weeks, 1 day. I want to get everything I can all set and ready to go so that I can get myself started on creating the characters for everyone on the day of release. As of right now, I am planning one house which I will play and then extra houses of people to fill out the neighborhood. As such, I will be planning on this house being 8 characters rather than my traditional six.

If you are looking to join up, feel free to comment here with a description or picture of what you want to look like as well as what traits you want.

My primary house will be: Zach, Tiim, HonestAbe, JohnnyRoastBeef, MrGale, SuperCalvin, and I'd like a couple of the ladies. Maybe Bettytron and Alderaan are willing?

If you are wanting to be in the neighborhood or are one of the lucky ones in the house, let me know what you want for your 5 personality traits and your lifetime goal. Traits can not conflict with each other.

absent-minded, ambitious, angler, artistic, athletic, bookworm, brave, can't stand art, charismatic, childish, clumsy, commitment issues, computer whiz, couch potato, coward, daredevil, dislikes children, easily impressed, evil, excitable, family-oriented, flirty, friendly, frugal, genius, good, good sense of humor, great kisser, green thumb, grumpy, handy, hates the outdoors, heavy sleeper, hopeless romantic, hot-headed, hydrophobic, inappropriate, insane, kleptomaniac, light sleeper, loner, loser, loves the outdoors, lucky, mean spirited, mooch, natural cook, neat, neurotic, never nude, no sense of humor, over-emotional, party animal, perfectionist, schmoozer, slob, snob, technophobe, unflirty, unlucky, vegetarian, virtuoso, and workaholic.
edit: certain interviews lead me to believe there will be 5+ more traits than listed here, I DO NOT CARE.

Lifetime Ambitions:
professional author, world-renowned surgeon, become a superstar athlete, CEO of a megacorporation, hit movie composer, heartbreaker, rock star, the tinkerer, become a master thief, forensic specialist: dynamic DNA profiler, become an astronaut, master of the arts, perfect mind/perfect body, gold digger, star news anchor, living in the lap of luxury, jack of all trades, surrounded by family, renaissance sim, chess legend, the culinary librarian, golden tongue/golden fingers, international super spy, super popular, presenting the perfect private aquarium, celebrated five-star chef, illustrious author, swimming in cash, the perfect garden, leader of the free world, the emperor, and become a creature-robot cross-breeder.

edit: also, if you could give me kind of a general overview of what you want to look like, that'd be great. Skinny, fat, fit, etc. there are 7 levels of fitness from muscular to deadly obese. Either give me a link to a picture you want me to use or give as detailed a description of what you want to look like as you can.


  1. Okay, ababy, I'm in.

    Traits: hopeless romantic,excitable, ambitious, great kisser, light sleeper. I'm going for kind of a spazz here. Feel free to change out any one of those for drama's sake.

    Ambition: rock star.

    And I'm pretty sure you know what I want to look like.

  2. I want to be your neighbor.
    computer whiz,
    hates the outdoors,
    natural cook

    become a creature-robot cross-breeder.

    I am sure you have seen enough pictures of me to know what I look like. 6' 205 lbs.

  3. Fermun, I want to be a part of this. My traits are as follows:

    Slow to anger and quick to forgive
    Generally Christ-like

    We are friends on facebook, so I assume you know how I look like. If not, then imagine a younger Brad Pitt, only more handsome.

  4. But seriously,

    Absent minded

  5. I need to follow the rules some more and post here.


    Good Sense of Humor




    Goal would be Jack of all trades, just like Bruce Campbell.

  6. Artistic, loves the outdoors, bookworm, NEVER NUDE

    Lifetime ambition: living in the lap of luxory

  7. Remington:

    Computer whiz, sense of humor, inappropriate, never nude, absent-minded

    Ambition: Star news anchor

  8. Also, Remington should look as much like John Cleese as is humanly possible.

  9. As SuperCalvin...

    Appearance: skinny and dapper

    Traits: kleptomaniac, lucky

    That's all I want, really. You can make up everything else as you please.

  10. eeee I don't have the sys reqs for sims 3 : ( be me vicariously!

    Traits: heavy sleeper, loves the outdoor, great kisser, flirty, dislikes children

    Lifetime ambition: perfect mind/body



  11. Oh and I want a nice pretty dress or dressy top with some cleave, too! Man, how have I survived this long.

  12. As omnilingua

    Traits: insane, neurotic, kleptomaniac, slob, heavy sleeper.

    Ambition: the perfect garden.

    Make me the fattest I can be, I don't care about anything else.

  13. Doctor Shenanigans here, and I would like in too please.

    NAME: Mister Shenanigans

    TRAITS: Evil, Excitable, Grumpy, Insane, Mean-Spirited

    AMBITION: World-Famous Surgeon

    APPEARANCE: I want to look as much like Snidley Whiplash as you can possibly make me.

  14. as FunkMessiah:

    Traits: party animal, evil, genius, heavy sleeper, hates the outdoors

    Ambition: Renaissance Sim

    Appearance: As ugly as you can make me

  15. Traits:
    Loves the Outdoors
    Commitment issues
    absent minded

    Chess legend.

  16. Aaah! I want in!
    good sense of humor
    and, uh, let's throw hydrophobic in there for good measure.

    Ambition: Professional author. I imagine I'll write novelizations of The Hills and Real Housewives of New York City.

    I'm the one on the right.

  17. Is... is it too late to get into a house?

    Traits: heavy sleeper, bookworm, good sense of humour, slob, and, uh... clumsy.

    I want to be an astronaut. I look like this:

    I'm the one on the left.

  18. skoora:

    Hope I can still get in at some point...

    Traits: evil, excitable, kleptomaniac, party animal and lucky

    Ambition: emperor

    Looks like:
    if possible.