Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 8: Sunday in Sims Town

Oh man, is it just me or does anyone else feel it is time for a slap fight?

Abe certainly agrees it is slapping time.

This was all brought about because Tanga came upstairs and insulted Abe. Abe thinks it is perfectly acceptable to respond to an insult by slapping a woman.

Downstairs Alderaan was baking waffles and managed to set the oven on fire. The fact that waffles are not made in the oven did not seem to bother her whatsoever.

Supercalvin is the only one with his head about him enough to put the fire out. I guess you could say that Abe has his head about him as he is thinking how awesome it is that the stove is on fire, but that is not helpful. The stove has been destroyed leaving the house without a way to cook food until someone works another day.

The fireman shows up to find he is no longer needed. It is probably a pretty good thing that SuperCalvin put that fire out, as with everyone clustered about the entrance there, I don't know if the fireman could have gotten through.

Abe has a new want nothing like beating someone up to feel better about yourself.

Well damn, I guess he's really decided that Tanga will be his nemesis.

Way to bring it to a whole new level, Abe. You are quite the evil bastard.

Tanga doesn't seem to have the hate that Abe does, and just wants to be a little mean to JRB. That's understandable, who doesn't want to be mean to JRB every now and again?

Tiim has managed to break both the kitchen and bathroom sinks. The place is falling apart.

Abe has gotten a promotion and his ill-gotten gains have given us enough money to buy a new stove.

The new stove is in place. I got a better model than the house came with, hopefully this will mean less burned food.

I invited Sanchez over, Abe really wants to become friends with him and I figured I'd provide opportunity for it to happen. He ended up being over for just long enough to tell a couple jokes before he ran home though.

SuperCalvin walks in on JRB taking a shower. There is no privacy needed.

I send Gale on one last date with Nom. Hopefully this will be what is needed to achieve that opportunity. I guess I will find out tomorrow when he goes back to work.

Odd that everyone suddenly has begun walking in on each other in the bathroom, this has not really happened before. What could be making these guys suddenly want to see each other pee and shower?

Awwwww yeah. Gale is hell of ready to date, all leather jacket and uh... pinstripe suit pants?

After dinner, Gale immediately begins ignoring Nom, and instead hangs around talking to Shenanigans for a while then going home.

The shower has broken now too. This place is falling apart completely.

Damn it SuperCalvin, that is the new stove. Do not set that thing on fire.

Luckily it was SuperCalvin who set it on fire, he is the only one who will put fires out himself and he managed to do so before the stove was destroyed. There was no property damage or loss this time.

As dawn breaks, JRB takes up the kitchen sink to sponge bathe. Never mind the working shower or the broken shower, JRB wants to sponge bathe in the kitchen.

I will eventually get around to simming the remaining 7 people. The big thing that is holding me back right now is because there really is very limited options you have to start with and EA is being slow as butts releasing new content online, so I really don't even have anything to buy with the $10 credit they give you on the online store to start. Anyhow, I will update again sometime.


  1. Fanfuckingtastic. Keep it up. I like how Abe went from jerk to fucking psycho in about a week. Let's see some death by fire!